In term of growth, Cambodia is a promising market which is moving faster than other established markets- Mr. Yee Wee Tang(1/2)

Grab, a major car allocation service company. We asked Mr. Yee Wee Tang, a representative of Grab Cambodia, about a new form of dispatch service focusing on "people" of grab who continues to lead in the industry despite the delayed entry. (Interviewed at: April, 2018)

Interviewee Profile

Mr. Yee Wee Tang: Area Manager of Glub Cambodia.

Grab’s mission is to drive Southeast Asia Forward by solving local transportation problems

Could you introduce yourself and your company?

 I’m Wee Tang Yee, Country Head of Grab Cambodia, My role is to lead the business strategy and operations of Grab in the market. Before I came to Cambodia, I was a Country Head for Grab Thailand.
 Prior to joining Grab, I spent more than five years in management and consultancy and had the chance to work in a breadth of industries including transport, financial institutions, and energy – having set up a program management office for BP, consulted with the Boston Consulting Group and spent several years as an engineer with SMRT Corporation in Singapore.
 Grab is one of the most frequently used O2O mobile platforms in Southeast Asia, providing the everyday services that matter most to consumers from commuting, food delivery, deliver shopping and e-payment for a wide range of services.
 We are a Southeast Asian homegrown company, which currently offers services in 8 countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Why did your company decide to advance in Cambodia?

 As Grab’s mission is to drive Southeast Asia Forward by solving local transportation problems, we have always look for opportunity in the region where our service can be a solution.
 In the past years, we’ve seen Cambodia as fast-growing market with expanding traffic network, construction projects and urbanization especially in the capital city of Phnom Penh. With higher density of population to a capital city fueled by economic development, one of the challenges would be developing good transportation infrastructure which provide a safe, convenient, easily-accessible and efficient commuting ways for people. And these are the areas we see our app as a solution.

Grab has employed a ‘hyperlocal strategy’

What were barriers to entry in Cambodia. How have your company overcome them?

 It was more like a challenge that there are many pre-existing ride-hailing apps in Cambodia when we launched, and people have already been get used to using them. However, what we see missing is how drivers and passengers are being taken care of beyond rides.
 As Grab’s mission is to drive Southeast Asia forward, part of our missions is to improve people’s livelihood and we show it by our actions. We showed our users that they can get more out of Grab. With GrabRewards, they can also enjoy more value with rides. Ride, earn points, and redeem them instantly for discount or fare for the next ride. And we also provide a personal accident insurance for both passengers and drivers.

Could you explain us about current situation of ride hailing service industry in Cambodia?

 Cambodia is an exciting and stable growth market with many rooms to grow. The country has increasing number of modern, forward looking population that is tech-savvy which means we have a growing larger pool of customers. Across the countries, many development projects are on the way and there are various benefits ride-hailing can bring to complement those developments and people’s livelihood when all work together.

What is your company’s strength comparing to other ride hailing companies?

 As you know, Grab offers services across 196 cities in 8 countries. The point is each market presents unique sets of issues and we really want to be able to address the local problem. This is critical to doing business the right way and providing the best possible service for our customers.
 Therefore, Grab has employed a ‘hyperlocal strategy’. This means we have a tailored approach to every city we operate in and we have strong local teams. Being local means having our employees reflect the people we serve as well.
 This is the reason that Grab is the most often used platform in the region. We have a tailored approach to every city we operate in and we provide a range of services that help enhance people’s everyday life.

From the point of view of transportation & logistics industry, what is difference between Cambodia and other countries?

 We see technology is paving the way for the future here. In term of growth, Cambodia is a promising market which is moving faster than other established markets. Many mega-projects including developments of new transportation infrastructure are on the way.
 And there is high possibility that we can make the real breakthrough for ride-hailing happens here when we integrate our services with those public transportation, allowing our customers to move seamlessly across multiple modes in one journey, reducing congestion while getting a more affordable ride.
 That’s why Grab has currently promoted our first mile last mile services for passengers travelling between home and a transport station or transit terminal like airport, railway, bus station or water taxi pier. We want to make it easy and convenient for them to get to their final destination with choice of travel options that fit their budget.

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