In term of growth, Cambodia is a promising market which is moving faster than other established markets- Mr. Yee Wee Tang(2/2)

Grab, a major car allocation service company. We asked Mr. Yee Wee Tang, a representative of Grab Cambodia, about a new form of dispatch service focusing on "people" of grab who continues to lead in the industry despite the delayed entry. (Interviewed at: April, 2018)

Interviewee Profile

Mr. Yee Wee Tang: Area Manager of Grab Cambodia.

The people are always at the heart of our business no matter where we operate

What are things your company are careful to provide the service in Cambodia?

 Let’s change the question to what are things that Grab care for the most.
 It is the people that we care for the most and the people are always at the heart of our business no matter where we operate.
 We know what we are doing can make the positive impact to them. Since start, the heart of our mission to improve people’s livelihood by providing them the safe, convenient, and easy accessible transportation services. And we always care and go far beyond that.
 For example, Grab indirectly generates digital literacy among the drivers who have never used a smartphone. We teach them how to use the internet and operate our app on a smartphone. This is helping them develop basic digital literacy as well as building their confidence to explore other digital applications which will open their world to various opportunities like e-education, e-banking, e-commerce or instant communications to connect with their family members.
 We also introduce and assist many of them to access banking services — we make it mandatory for all drivers we onboard to have a bank account. This helps them start building financial credit records so that they can improve their lives and access other financial products such as housing and education loans or health insurance.
 All these will also support the country and the people so that they can make the most of digital economy.

Please tell us if there is a hot topic of your company.

 Last month, apart from the launch of GrabTukTuk, a rickshaw service in Phnom Penh, we also launched GrabRemorque, a motorcycle trailer service in Siem Reap. The first service can accommodate up to 3 passengers a ride while the latter can accommodate up to 4 passengers.
 We also announced that we have acquired Uber’s Southeast Asia operations and integrated its ridesharing business in the region into our existing multi-modal transportation and fintech platform. During the past month, we have been working with Uber to invite their passengers and drivers to migrate to Grab platform. Merging our operations with Uber enhances mainly our JustGrab service. We’re still focused on offering multiple transport services, so that consumers can choose to travel with whatever they prefer, whether speed, cost or comfort.

Could you tell us your forecast of ride hailing service industry and your company?

 Grab’s focus is on Southeast Asia. Today, we reach one in eight people, and we have a significant and important opportunity to become the leading online to offline mobile platform that everyone in Southeast Asia uses for their daily lives. We have tremendous runway for growth.
 We are now growing so much more than just a ride-hailing. In transport, we’re actively executing our multi-modal vision, adding GrabBike, GrabTukTuk and GrabRemorque, and preparing other new integrations that will put all transport choices on just one platform. Beyond ride-hailing, we have GrabRewards loyalty program and GrabPay and many more to come.

Please give a comment for readers

 Grab’s goal has always been to improve lives of people across Southeast Asia, the region where we call home. We are Southeast Asian company and we will continue to invest in Cambodia to support the country development and the better livelihood of people.