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HR Ink. established in 2005, is Cambodia's largest human resources company. They have more than 100 staff and boasts job registration of 70,000 people. They also expanded their business into Myanmar. In addition to recruitment of staff, they have 700 staff including outsourcing business.
We asked Ms. Sandra D’amico, managing director of HR ink, about Cambodian personnel. (Interviewed at: August, 2017)

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Sandra D’AMICO: Managing Director of HR Ink..

The only company to conduct salary surveys in Cambodia

We heard that your company is engaged in human resource development, research based on HR, and outsourcing. Could you tell us about each business?

Our company has several types of business. We conduct a lot of HR surveys on information about salary, we also have technical surveys and economic surveys. We are the only company doing salary surveys and annual salary analysis in Cambodia, so we receive requests for planning on salary budget and HR budget from many of our clients. We investigate in detail customized for our client’s needs.

We also do outsource service to manage workforce. While hoping for market development, it is used by many client companies that want to explore the market and do not have office in Cambodia. We will provide the various staffs for the companies. For example, for any event that are short-term, labor staff is necessary to hold a large-scale project, we supply labor for such projects. The range extends to fields from drivers, cleaning staff to promotional sales ladies.

In our business, we compensate all staffing staff for payment of taxes, in compliance with labor laws, and hiring in accordance with national regulations. And we do compliance and payroll management with the temporary staff too. We can also provide online payroll software, online leave management and online payroll.

The last business is recruitment. We can provide staff for bottom line workers to CEO level depending on the needs of our clients. To support clients in all kinds of industries in the aggregated Cambodian market, we have a specialized team for each industry.


Vision is to become a leading company in the Asian region

We heard that your company is the biggest recruitment company in Cambodia. Could you tell us your strengths?

Our company is the first full service HR company to start in Cambodia. Founded in 2005, we have developed all services. We believe that we are maintaining the current No.1 position because we are passionate about customer service and service and we follow laws and regulations.

We provide services at competitive prices, but quality is important to us. Our strengths are our people, and our team. A lot of my teams have worked with me for almost ten years. They grew with our company and understand our company deeply. We are currently growing in Myanmar, every one of the staff have contributed to the success.

Starting as a very small company at the beginning, both the staff and the company have grown together, and now we are also entering other countries, including Myanmar to develop business. As a Cambodian company, it is my vision to be a leading company in the HR industry in the Asian region.


What kind of changes do you feel since the last interview two years ago?

Cambodia is changing at a very fast speed. Competitors in the HR industry also have increased. I believe that increasing competitiveness brings innovation and a new challenge to us, so it is a very good thing.

On the other hand, some enterprises are not paying taxes, do not comply with laws, do not place emphasis on compliance while the number of companies entering the enterprise is increasing. A few months ago, the Cambodian government enforced companies to register their companies. I think that this will be very important.

For the human resources industry in Cambodia, I am very optimistic. I think that we will continue to grow in the future.


Preparing multilingual speaker staff

Are there many Japanese clients using your services?

The number of clients using our company is increasing along with the increase of Japanese companies entering the country. Although the number of Japanese clients are less compared to other countries, but most of them are a large-scale company. On the other hand, there are many European companies, but the scale of the company is not large. Also, many companies from the US, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia are using our services.


Do you have speakers of various languages?

Yes. It is possible to deal with a few languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese from the Asian region, as well as French, Dutch and African languages and so on.


Learning is not only in terms of education but also of general in life

Cambodians are said to have the lowest educational level in ASEAN.
As many foreign companies enter Cambodia, does your company pay attention to connecting Cambodian job seekers and foreign companies?

First, I am working with Cambodian staff, but I personally do not think Cambodians have the lowest educational standards in ASEAN. Looking at the history of Cambodia, the history of education differs from other ASEAN countries, knowledgeable people, educated people are lost by Khmer Rouge. In 1997, this country had to restart from the beginning.

But the Cambodians are hungry to learn and their absorption speed is fast, especially for languages. I think that low education level is not a proper way of describing the Cambodian reality. I think that how to tie culture into learning makes a big difference. People learn from failure. Companies could support people even if they fail, we should be able to create an environment where they can learn and think about the reasons why they made a mistake.

Learning is not only about education but also about life in general. Therefore, I believe that everyone has responsibility for education. Especially most of the learning in life can be obtained at work. I would like to say that there are opportunities for people to grow not only in education but also in work. I would like companies to think about what to do for education. Therefore, investment into the education field is also very important.

We do match Cambodian and Japanese companies, but I think that many of the Cambodians are having trouble with the strictness of Japanese companies.
Cambodians are friendly and easy going, they are not familiar with the harsh environment like you find in amongst the Japanese companies. Cambodia has discipline, but it is very different from Japanese discipline.

To prevent matching errors between companies and job seekers, we conduct interviews with Japanese clients and look for talent who can adapt to the environment. Recently, many Cambodians have been to Japan to study and returned to Cambodia, so it seems that there are many people who understand Japanese culture and Japanese work ethics these days. I think that the gap is becoming smaller from such talent in the country.

Some of our staffs have experienced working in Japanese companies and those who have experience living in Japan, so they understand Japanese culture and how to work so they can deal with Japanese clients. I think it is important for Cambodians and Japanese people to understand each other and adapt so they can learn and cooperate with each other.

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