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HR Ink. established in 2005, is Cambodia's largest human resources company. They have more than 100 staff and boasts job registration of 70,000 people. They also expanded their business into Myanmar. In addition to recruitment of staff, they have 700 staff including outsourcing business.
We asked Ms. Sandra D’amico, managing director of HR ink, about Cambodian personnel. (Interviewed at: August, 2017)

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Sandra D’amico: Managing Director of HR Ink..

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Due to diversification of the market, outsourcing business is important as well

Your company provides outsourcing services, what was the chance to get started?
Although we started the outsourcing business in 2005, we implemented it as the aim of providing full service as an HR company. However, from 2005 to 2010, there were not many companies that needed temporary staff. As we grew, we noticed more clients who needed temporary staff.

As the market diversifies, I think it will be necessary to have staff for various industries. I think outsourcing will be a very important factor. For example, if a large company wishes to make a promotional event in Cambodia, we can send promotion ladies. We have many temporary staff such as drivers, cleaners, receptionists, marketing personnel and sales force. The outsourcing services are used across all industries from public companies to governmental offices such as embassies and NGO offices.


Focusing on staff growth in outsourcing

Do the Cambodians stop working easily in the outsourcing services?

We value importance on paying people good wages for the work that they do, but of course they must perform up to standards. We are focusing on quality and delivery of services, so our turnover is very low. This is also true for outsourcing projects.
It is very difficult to sell outsourcing services at higher costs, but we will not do business with minimum wage or lower service because the client will never be happy.

Regarding recruitment services and outsourcing services, we focus on the growth of our staff. Temporary staff can also move up out of the outsourcing services and participate in HR Ink. Therefore, they will be able to open other paths in their career. We focus on creating opportunities for the people, to give them opportunities for growth, training and education.


Necessity for an ecosystem where everyone is responsible for human resource development

What would be required for human resource improvement in Cambodia?

I think that it is not a one-time event and not a one-time activity, nothing can be solved with just one thing. I would like to mention three factors that are important for human resource improvement.

First, it is the government’s responsibility, it is necessary for the government to encourage companies to invest in human resources. The government has the role of attracting investment from private companies. So, they must gather good investors who are willing to contribute in the improvement of human resources. It must be considered as one of the economic strategies of Cambodia.

The second point is business. Companies must invest in human resources. I don’t think many industries put enough emphasis on investment in developing human resources. However, companies must be interested in investing in their work force, but the government creating education sector for us is also a major cause. It is important to have an eco-system where the government and private sectors can cooperate.

The third point is the employees. Young people can improve their skill by themselves. People can study using the internet or YouTube, telephone etc. that many young people in Cambodia have access to. Now, it is a society where anything can be learned on the Internet. Not only for young people but also for people of a high age. People must keep learning in life to develop themselves. It is an easy to access environment today.

Therefore, government, business and individuals, all need to be interested in human resource development and have responsibility.


How do you want to contribute to improving human resources?

I think that our business such as research services and the education sector is all about contributing to the human resource improvement. We contribute to the policy level through our research services. At our company level, we train people to acquire skills so they have a better opportunity and to encourage self-development.


Could you tell us about future business development?

I am very optimistic towards this industry. I think that companies will enter from other countries in the future, but regional companies like our company will become important for large enterprises. We have an office in Myanmar and we plan to open a branch this year in Laos too. We are partnering with companies in Asian countries such as Vietnam. I think that we have a bright future and would like to aim for expansion in Asia to be the best HR company in Asia.

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