Phnom Penh Precast Plants Co.,Ltd. Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary of its Launch

Phnom Penh Precast Plants Co., Ltd is one of the leading companies in Cambodia producing high quality construction materials complying with international standards, such as concrete pipes, concrete spun piles, pre-stressed high-strength concrete spun piles and others meeting customers’ needs in the construction sector.

Speaking at the celebration of its 5th anniversary on February 19th, Oknha Choeung Theanseng, Managing Director of Phnom Penh Precast Plants said the company started its business in Cambodia in 2014 under a joint venture with local investors.

The company started producing concrete spun poles of all types and in different lengths. Until now, the company’s poles have been installed throughout the provinces and capitals in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Oknha Choeung Theanseng stressed that: “After observing the current political situation and security to be stable as well as the country’s future looking bright, the company decided to take part in nation building by restoring infrastructure throughout Cambodia that were destroyed during the war. So, in early fourth quarter of 2014 the company decided to produce concrete pipes using German technology in the production line”.
More importantly, based on international quality standards and high technology used in the production, the International Quality Assessment Committee has awarded ISO 9001: 2015 Certification to Phnom Penh Precast Plants.

The acknowledgment from the world class quality assessment committee helps to increase customer’s confidence, who have supported Phnom Penh Precast Plants’ products.

“The company is committed in maintaining quality of all its products. Supporting Phnom Penh Precast Plants’ products is supporting Khmer achievements.”Adds Oknha Choeung Theanseng.