Expand domestic destinations and increase long-term tourists – Rithy Kruy

The modern design SUN & MOON hotel located in the center of Phnom Penh, has become popular among businessmen and tourists with international standard service.
We asked, Mr. Rithy Kruy, sales and marketing manager, about the current situation of the hospitality industry in Cambodia.
(Interviewed at: October, 2017)

Interviewee Profile

Rithy Kruy : Sales and Marketing Manager of SUN&MOON Urban Hotel .

To be responsible for comprehensive management

Could you tell us about your personal profile and career?

I have been working in the hospitality industry for 12 years including in the hotel industry and travel agencies. I graduated from Business Administration in the field of Tourism and Business Information System with work experience in Communicating and Analyzing. I joined SUN & MOON Hotel over two years ago on their pre- opening. We are now one of the popular hotels in Phnom Penh because of our team’s efforts.


Could you tell us about your work as a Sales and Marketing department manager?

The main responsibility for my role is to generate the revenue for the company by reaching the sales target. My job is to supervise the sales and marketing team by guiding, developing and implementing marketing plan including advertising and marketing coordination. I also must set up the strategy for the direct sales and indirect sale as well to approach the prospect and close the deal. I also must make sure our customers appreciate our service and get what we have promised to them.

Besides reaching the target, I must be a team player, who values teamwork, with good team building skills and I must be able to communicate effectively with all levels of employees.


Target clientele is businessmen and the young generation

Your company is aiming to be an environmentally friendly hotel, is there anything you are working on recently?

We are now officially certified to produce and sell drinking water which we can refill within our hotel premise with recycling glass bottles. Our water purification room complies 100% with the international hygienic standards of water production for public use.
So far, we have accomplished and continuing to support the following major activities for the environment:

・Donate used soap to underprivileged children
・Participate in “CLEAN CITY projects” to ensure our neighborhood and streets are free of garbage
・Exchange bed sheets, bath towels and toothbrushes only when the guest requests to
・Electricity saving initiatives within our hotel premises such as switching off air conditioners, installing sensor lights, less use of lifts by staff
・Over 80% of lights throughout the hotel are LED lights
・Installed a salt water pool which uses less chemicals than a chlorine pool
・Saving paper resources by introducing the check-in procedure on iPad
・Installing atrium with more than 15 kinds of plants that incorporate fresh air

I believe that these activities are important for our future, not only for today.


Could you tell us a about your unique bars?

Unplug Bar is in our chic art-filled lobby where the guest can relax, meet like- minded people, chose a beverage of choice, and grab a snack to eat. CLOUD 9 SKYBAR is located on the roof top of the hotel. In the evening, the guests can chill out at the bar with cool beats, enjoy unique cocktails with the wonderful view of the city.
Both venues are targeted for business people and the young generation. Our venue is very convenient to organize business networking events, private parties such as birthday celebration, anniversary, or a theme party and wedding parties.


Sensitive response to information from the Ministry of Tourism

What is the current situation of hotel business in Cambodia?

The current situation of the hotel business in Cambodia is improving due to rising competition. There are more than 310 hotels with more than 15,000 rooms in Phnom Penh and it will continue to increase. With the challenging situation from the competitors and the new entrance in the market, each hotel must work harder to get the share in the market. Improvement in services in the hospitality sector is coming from better coordination between the Ministry of Tourism and the training programs conducted by the private sectors. For example, ministry of tourism has informed us about the launch of “China Ready”, and we must be well prepared for this coming market trend.


What should we consider when we conduct a hotel business in Cambodia?

For example, the companies must conduct a proper market study and cost analysis to prepare a business system suitable for Cambodia. Based on the market survey, the companies should clarify their target, to business or leisure customers and work accordingly for the design, location, hotel amenities and other benefits. Price competition with competitors can be easily anticipated.

It is a free market so even a five-star hotel is going to cut down the prices if enough customers don’t come. It is necessary to prepare so you do not to lose your real target. The companies must work closely with the Ministry of Tourism to prepare for business plans based on laws and regulations. The companies also must understand about the human resource management and know-how to improve their abilities because their educational level is different from other countries.


Expand domestic destinations and increase long-term tourists

The government aims to increase the number of tourists to 7 million by 2020. What do you think is necessary for the hotel industry to accomplish this target?

To increase the number of tourist in Cambodia by two million in the four year period, we must set our own benchmarks, improve our design, and create events. We should invest in branding such as joining the trade shows, oversea sales calls and finding a unique selling point. It is important to remain adaptable, and open to changing trends. In addition, we must provide a good experience to the tourist by providing a good standard of service, so they become repeat customers to Cambodia.


What do you think is the future of the hospitality industry of Cambodia?

In a personal view, the number of tourism industry competitors is increasing at a rapid rate. We can see some five-star hotels is going to open soon, the boutique hotel boom is a great example of popular and recent diversification in the midrange hospitality market. In addition, Cambodia offers an amazing diversity in what people can experience. We are aiming at having visitors staying longer and spending more on a larger variety of offers. The future of Cambodia’s tourism sector lies in promoting additional domestic destinations and products beyond the traditional offer that retains people to stay for less than a week. We need long-term visitors to cultivate this market.


Could you tell us about you and your company’s vision for the future?

The company’s vision is always to be inspired, pioneering in remarkable experiences in the world of hospitality.
In everything we do, we aim to deliver the “WOW factor” to our customers in an unexpected way, make a difference, develop passionate and committed team, by striving to be the best and deliver a sustainable performance. And we believe that our vision will bring a positive influence for the hospitality industry in Cambodia by offering good experience to the tourist who come to Cambodia.


Do you have a message to our readers?

We wish any businesses entering Cambodia to have a positive impact and be successful.